About Us


Imani Woodard is the founder of Tattered Exclusive and is an avid advocate for sustainable fashion. She is determined to produce handmade clothing items with existing materials to truly meet the definition of zero-waste. As a self-taught designer, stylist, and FIT student, she skillfully styles customers with the materials that are already in their closets. Imani believes that there is a nostalgic and individualistic feel to designing with second-hand materials, which is not something that can be easily achieved by the fast-fashion industries. With a love for colors and sustainable creations, she successfully helps people discover personalized styles that closely reflect who they are. Imani has been actively participating in sustainable fashion since 2018, having her skills and collections exhibited in several events, shows, and magazine features. If that isn’t enough, Imani is also a Remake Ambassador. Imani looks forward to revolutionizing the fashion industry, bringing full awareness and emphasis on zero-waste. Watch out for this amazing talent.


Based in Brooklyn, NY, Tattered Exclusive is committed to advocating for the sustainable fashion industry. At Tattered, we take pride in our intricate handmade art, that is, ethically produced with second-hand materials. We strive for full transparency. Fast-fashion revolves around repetitive trends and ideas resurfacing amongst the fashion communities, however zero-waste fashion successfully creates uniquely designed products without the cost of the environment. We are determined to further grow our community of sustainable fashion activists that care about preserving Mother Earth and partnering with the people who create sustainable clothing in the first place. We acknowledge the treatment and hardworking responsibilities that each sustainable worker holds, and will forever bring spotlight to these workers that are reconstructing fashion standards, one handmade piece at a time. We promise to unite with our community through blogs, advice, news updates, and many more concerning sustainability and eco-friendly topics in fashion. At Tattered Exclusive, we are devoted to empowering people through fashion in a sustainable manner, allowing our customers to fully express themselves with the planet in mind.

   Good on You & Good on the Planet,  
Imani Woodard, Designer, Founder and CEO of Tattered Exclusive