Spicing Up Everyone's Favorite Trend

During the warmer months the infamous trend of tie dye comes back in full force. For most people it can be a hard trend to be a part of but here at Tattered Exclusive we live and breathe trends, and fashion. We've decided to give some tips and tricks on different ways to follow this trend.


Pairing tie dye with something completely different from the initial aesthetic is an automatic WIN. The slouchy print mixed with a structured pencil skirt creates a home run look for work or play!

Mixing some funk with a little classic punk, with distressed denim. Add a contemporary flare by adding cropped flares.

Tie Dye Creates a loud and funky outfit. If you're eclectic and spunky create an all-around loud look with the same bright color of the tie dye you're wearing in a trouser. It creates an on trend look, with the monochromatic aspect and the spring tie dye. 

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