Tattered Exclusive Who?

   From the age of 8, I knew I wanted to be a part of the Fashion World. I was all too happy to style my mom from head to toe just so she could hit the town and head right to her 9 to 5. Her destination just didn't matter; what mattered was the fact that, if I could style my "very old fashioned" mother, then I could style anyone. My fashion sense developed as I grew older, of course; from the pink New Balance sneakers and flared sleeved blouse I wore on my first day of kindergarten up until now. I picked that outfit out myself, at Target, by the way.

    The age of 19, is when the magic really began. I started mixing textures of leather and flannel with the help of Pinterest. I went through this phase of wearing one piece in my closet, and then instantly getting bored with the look and tearing it up and making it into something brand new. This is when I started getting into thrifting, the game plan was to spend minimal money on any item I liked today and there would be zero remorse tomorrow; when I decide to cut it up. That's when this dream was born - Tattered Exclusive.

    Tattered Exclusive is a black woman owned business, operated by my mom and I. We both a take different roles in the business.  

I, Imani am the Designer/Founder, an art student inspired by contemporary art and the flare of Japanese streetwear with their intricate patchwork designs and unapologetic pairings. I make all of the garments you see on our website by hand and in my home studio in Atlanta.

My mom, Monique has a lengthy background in Film and Videography. She takes care of all content we create including YouTube videos to Instagram photos.

   Our clothing line is released in seasons and is made out of all up-cycled items. If you aren’t familiar with up-cycling; it’s the process of transforming materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials & products of better quality and environmental use. We take a reconstruction approach to how we design; all materials are up-cycled from thrift stores throughout Atlanta, some garments made by us could be made with up to 3 up-cycled clothing items.  

     Our mission at Tattered Exclusive is to be a part of the sustainable fashion conversation, saving the planet one garment at a time but still upkeep the streetwear chic style we know so well. Supporting us means you support the start of slowing down the worlds clothing consumption and be smart about what small businesses we support and which big box companies we don’t.

Come get Tattered with us!

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