4 Ways To Create A Sustainable Wardrobe

30 Wears Test : If we all purchased clothing with the question "will I wear this item 30 times or more" we would all have less unworn clothes in our closets. The purpose of this question is to allow us to buy more versatile pieces that will have a longer lifespan, and cut down on our individual carbon footprint. 

Recycle : One of the best ways to create a sustainable wardrobe is utilizing clothing donation centers to drop off all of your unwanted clothing that are still in good condition. Donating your clothes can allow another person to find and care for this item maybe better than you could. It also drives more people to participate in sustainability. Have a one in and one out mentality. 

Care for Your Items : Every item has a care tag with that,  companies tell you the exact way of caring for your item for a long lifespan. Caring for your item the proper way can allow you to have your items for a longer time, and maybe you can even achieve the 30 wears test. 

Tattered Tip: steaming your items can give your garments a new life. 

Shop Vintage & Secondhand : All trends are cyclical, everything comes back around. Vintage and Secondhand stores have a plethora of these trends and you can buy into them while also not contributing to the rising pollution levels. 

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