Daisy Dukes Are Out & Bermuda Shorts Are In!

While denim is always a go to no matter what season you're in, a trend most of us fashionistas indulged in 2 years ago, has now resurfaced. Bermuda shorts have finally come full circle, it showcased in many looks on the 2020 Spring runways and is going become an easy go to this summer. Keep reading and see how we styled this versatile trend.

A Couple Tips On Styling

Whether you like the athlesiure look, Bermudas can be easily paired with a wind breaker and some cool sneakers, which will capture the cute but comfy look....

4 Ways To Create A Sustainable Wardrobe

30 Wears Test : If we all purchased clothing with the question "will I wear this item 30 times or more" we would all have less unworn clothes in our closets. The purpose of this question is to allow us to buy more versatile pieces that will have a longer lifespan, and cut down on our individual carbon footprint. 

Recycle : One of the best ways to create a sustainable wardrobe is utilizing clothing donation centers to drop off all of your unwanted clothing that are still in good condition. Donating your clothes can allow another person to find and care for this...

Spicing Up Everyone's Favorite Trend

During the warmer months the infamous trend of tie dye comes back in full force. For most people it can be a hard trend to be a part of but here at Tattered Exclusive we live and breathe trends, and fashion. We've decided to give some tips and tricks on different ways to follow this trend.


Pairing tie dye with something completely different from the initial aesthetic is an automatic WIN. The slouchy print mixed with a structured pencil skirt creates a home run look for work or play!

10 Trends You'll See In Our Collection This Season

1.    Disco Collar: Sounds like a strange trend but it’s an homage to the studio 54 era, you know what I’m talking about, back when Jackson 5 was still together and Saturday Night Fever was a top rated movie. This trend has so many fashion opportunities from playing with different color combos to incorporating all sorts of crazy textures. 

2.    Bermuda Shorts: We’re throwing out our biker shorts!! Just kidding not really! You can still use them for working out and lounging around the house but wearing them to events and parties is a NO GO. Bermuda...

Designers You Need to Know!

A lot of designers don't want to be put in a box and down below I've shown some of these designers; perfect example how do we claim Jerry Lorenzo is a streetwear brand but he's making straight up suits. Its confusing but below I've given why I adore these designers and a bit of insight on how they've effected my brand.

Virgil Abloh (Off x White) 

  • The rising star for the past couple years and I am seeing why. In his latest women's wear show he had 360 art installations which shows the juxtaposition...